About Me

I am 16 years old, with 1 sister and 2 dogs. I grew up in Blue Springs until i was 6 years old. My sister and I are 2 year apart from each other. I play soccer and tennis for LSN. I'm also on a club team for soccer called FCKC which is own by the same people who own the Kansas city Women Professional Soccer Club. My dad use to be a tennis player when he was in highschool, so I guess that kind of where I got into play tennis. I have been playing tennis for over 3 years, and I enjoy every single year.


  • I play Soccer and i'm a Goalie
  • I play tennis
  • Heartstone is a game I play alot
  • I enter hearthstone tournements
  • I'm an Eagle scout
  • Eating
  • Having fun

Future plans

After Highschool I plan on going to college (Don't know what college yet). But before that I plan on entering a huge hearthstone tournement to maybe help pay for college called The HCT Americas Summer Championship which is hosted by esports and the prized money is $80,000. I plan to learn more about Web Designing and Graphic Arts. I don't care how much I make aslong as my job is fun. I also want a pug, a little snake, a bird, and a frog that screams because why not. I will name the all the animles after verbs cause verbs sound better than real names. After College I plan on starting my own company with my friends cause this is america.

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