Alvi Haroon Biography


Bio and Interests

Hello, I'm Alvi Haroon. I'm seventeen and in my junior year of high school. I was born in an Asian country called Bangladesh In November, 2000 and moved to the US when I was less than a year old. I am very much an indoors person, perfering to play video games and watch anime than play sports. I enjoy coding and computer software, hence why I am in web design. I'm also interested in Photoshop and I'd like to learn how to use it more effectively.

Web Skills

  • I am good at brainstorming ideas when it comes to web design and can make some good plans for designs.
  • I have an artistic flair towards my websites and I have a very specific choice for the websites I want
  • I specialize in the styles part of the websites and I have a very good idea towards how I want my website to look
  • I have good cooperation skills when needed and I can work effectively with other people when it comes to coding

Future Plans

I plan to continue learning about coding and graphic deisgn in college after I gradulate high school in college.

I wish to become more competent with Photoshop and use it for personal projects or work

I'm thinking of being a writer in the future, but I think programming would also be good for me.

Perhaps I could learn to code video games or start animating when I'm done with web design.