Christian King

Christian King

Born in Missouri, moved to Georgia, moved to Florida, then came back. Student at LSNHS and aspiring musician. Likes cats a lot and has two dogs. I absolutely hate videogames unironically.

My Dogs




Computer and Other Skills

Computer Skills

I've taken multiple courses regarding computer software and hardware skills in Middle and High School. I've also taken a course on keyboarding. Otherwise, I have a lot of experience working with computers on my own time. I'm fimiliar multiple video editing and music production software. I've also taken a course on web design.



Music Production

Music production is what I spend most of my time doing. I have experience in multiple music production programs. I've been producting music for six and a half years. The majority of the music production that I have done has been made to stand on their own, although I have worked on music for a couple of video games.



Plans After Highschool

After high school I plan on going to a college, whether it be a community college or a state college, and I plan on figuring out how to make a living based on making music. If that doesn't go well, I'll probably end up doing something in Computer Science, but I would much rather work on music than anything else. I don't really enjoy doing anything else, but I am already well acquainted with computers and think a job relating to Computer Science would probably be well fitting for me.

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