Inside the Mind of Jackson Phillips

Stuff About Me

  • I like doing some good old pencil and paper sketching whenever I get an itch for that and I've gotten pretty good at it if I do say so myself.
  • I do a whole lot of computer stuff both at school and at home, mostly saying what the heck is that and how do I not break it while I'm playing with it.
  • I also have the worlds cutest dog named Nugget. If you disagree you are obviously a dirty liar.

    Stuff I Can Do With Computers

  • I can take apart and put together computers usually without breaking them and I built two of our home computers.
  • I can do some basic programming in a couple different languages, although at this point I'd probably need a bit of time to dust off that section of my memory.
  • Can troubleshoot and fix most problems my computer has and if I can probably google it.

Stuff That's in the Future

Once I graduate high school I plan to go to Mizzou to study some kind of computer stuff. Might look into IT might actually try web design, not entirely sure what I'll end up doing, just that I want it to involve messing with computers.