About Me

Hello, I'm Sean Summers I am a juinor at Lees Summit North Highschool. I play soccer and love doing anything physcial including running. I am a bit of a clown and like to make jokes, I almost always wear something soccer related wether it be a jersery or a jacket. My favorite team is Arsenal FC. Also I am a huge switzerland supporter

After Highschool


As of right now my plans for after highschool are to go to college. I am not sure where or what for yet, but my hope is to play college soccer.

My Hobbies

Warming up before a game
  • Soccer, I have something soccer related every day
  • I love going on runs
  • I spend alot of time looking at soccer cleats and gear
  • Here and there I play some video games, mostly fifa
  • I love listening to music