Anthony Jaramillo

Quick List About Me

  • I'm anthony and I am a senior here at LSN.
  • I'm in ROTC and I'm an Eagle Scout.
  • Likes- working out, playing games, camping, cats, Magic the Gathering
  • Plan to enlist in the Air Force this year, probably Security Forces.

Computer Skills

    In terms of my computer skills I'm more of a software than hardware person. I do web design and I've rewritten files on mobile divices successfully. As you can see I'm not too flashy. I'd like to learn Python, C+, C++, and C#.

I'm a huge anime and manga nerd.

    I've been watching anime ever since I was little. I started to read manga about the time I started middle school. When I was in Intro to Web Design I made a site about them. The link for anime is here and the one for manga is here.

    The history of anime began in the early 20th century, Japanese filmmakers experimented with western animation styles and techniques. The first widely popular anime was Astro Boy (1963) by Osuma Tezuka. During the 1970’s anime furthered itself from it western roots and came to develop unique genres such as mecha. Several film makes became very popular, two of the most widely known are Hayao Miyazaki and Mamoru Oshii.

    Japanese animation didn’t only have roots in the west; shadow play from China impacted development as well as the animation pioneer Emil Cohl. The first documented animated film that was showed to the public was “Tekugukan”. It showed a young boy writing the Chinese characters for “motion picture” (映画), then he turns to the viewers and removes his hat to salute. It was produced around 1907 and consisted of 50 frames drawn directly on a strip of celluloid. The creator is still unknown.

    The first generation films from this time were lost for a wide variety of reasons. Here is a few of the first generation of animated film makers:

    Shimokawa Oten: A political caricaturist and cartoonist, who worked for the magazine Tokyo Puck. He was hired by Tenkatsu to do an animation for them. Due to medical reasons, he only was able to do five movies, including Imokawa Mukuzo - Genkanban no maki, before he returned to his previous work as a cartoonist.

    Kouchi Jun'ichi: A caricaturist and painter, who also had studied watercolor painting. 1912 he also entered the cartoonist sector and was hired for an animation by Kobayashi Shokai later in 1916. He is viewed as the technically most advanced Japanese animator in the 1910s. His works include around 15 movies.

    Kitayama Seitaro: Distinct from the other pioneers of his era, Kitayama made animations on his own. He even founded his own animaton studio Kitayama Eiga Seisakujo (which sadly was closed because of lack of commercial success). His animation technique was the chalkboard animation and, later, paper animation (with and without preprinted backgrounds).

    Kitayama Seitaro had 4 big students, Murato Yosuji, Kimura Hakuzan, Yamamoto Sanae and Ofuji Noboro, they worked in his studio with him. After the Great Kanto earthquake most of his studio was destroyed and his students founded studios of their own. During this time the first youth protection laws were adopted. It lead to the censorship of early animations for children under 15.

Small Summary of Myself

    I'm a senior here at LSN and I'm in our AFJROTC. I've attended here since the second semester of my sophmore year. I'm on our Raider team and last year I was the Raider Commander. Being on the team really helped me change and I've gotten in pretty good shape. In my spare time when I'm not doing AFJROTC and Boy Scout activities I play video games. I like to play Call of Duty (mostly Modern Warfare 2, hands down best one), Skyrim, and Destiny one and two. Famiy and friends mean a lot to me. If you know or get to know me you'll see I do a lot with and for my family. I was wanting to enlist in the Air Force this year but I am somewhat leaning to Army Nationall Gaurd to get my degree, then do active duty infintry. If I take that route I'd like to pursue being a Ranger and Airborne qualified. Which means I'll be Special Forces and able to jump out of planes into combat.