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ACT Test


Every junior will be take the ACT assessment on this day.

Bell Schedule

1st 7:30 am - 8:17 am ACT


2nd 8:22 am - 9:09 am
3rd 9:14 am - 10:01 am
Bronco Time 10:06 am - 10:30 am
4th 10:35 am - 11:22 pm
5th/Lunch 11:27 pm - 12:39 pm Juniors Back in Class
Hours 5-7
6th 12:44 pm - 1:31 pm
7th 1:36 pm - 2:23 pm

Basic Information

  • Regular testing will occur 1st - 4th hours. Most juniors will return to class by 5th hour.
  • We will run a daily schedule with Bronco Time.
  • Juniors will report to their testing room at 7:30 a.m.
  • Students will be placed in testing rooms in alphabetical order.
  • Students will receive room assignments during mentoring on Monday 3/25.
  • All lunch schedules will remain normal.



What do I need to bring?
What to bring to the test Please bring a photo ID, two #2 pencils, and an ACT approved calculator. Please DO NOT BRING your cell phone, food, backpack, or other books/papers.
Do I have to register online and upload a picture?
Student ID No, you do not. The district is taking care of the registration process for the juniors. No picture has to be uploaded. You DO need to bring a photo ID on test day. It can be your driver's license or student ID.
Will the test have the same restrictions as a regular ACT?
ACT RulesYes, it will run just like the regular ACT. Same rules, same guidelines, same everything.
How long is it going to take us to get scores back?
CalendarIt will most likely take about 3 weeks to get scores back.
Is this an Official ACT Score?
OfficialYes, it is an OFFICIAL ACT SCORE. If a student is absent, they will be required to make-up the test.
Should I prepare for the test?
Be Prepared!Absolutely. It is suggested that you practice the ACT at least 6 times before testing to insure your best score. All of our classroom teachers have een providing prep opportunities. There are lots of opportunities for students to be the most prepared they can be on test day.