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SkoolLive "Student Shout-Out"

Create a memorable school year with a 5-day digital banner on all campus kiosks for your son or daughter. With the ability to generate unique messages tailored exclusively to your loved ones oncampus, SkoolLive now gives you access to speak with them directly all year round. From a simple Happy Birthday shout-out to congratulating someone special on a personal achievement, pre-game encouragement or post game celebration messages, wish a family well with upcoming exams or tell your child how proud you are for graduating this school year. The “Student Shout-out” gives family and friends the opportunity to send a unique message on campus that will create a memory for a lifetime. More details, including purchases, can be found at http://cornerstore.skoollive.com/.

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SkoolLive @ LSN

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Parents - send a shout out to your child!

Businesses - advertise to students!

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SkoolLive Kiosk at LSN
SkoolLive Kiosk at LSN


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