The world's largest developer website. Your online class resource with tutorials, references, and examples. Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and More!


Web development space - in the cloud! Through an invitation from your teacher, you will set up an online workspace to edit your sites using a PC or your Chromebook.


Another great resource to learn to code online. Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Design, Sass, JQuery, and more!


Twitter Bootstrap - the most popular framework online. Use Bootstrap to develop responsive, mobile-first projects on the web using HTML, CSS, and JS.

Web Design Resources

There are thousands of fabulous web design resources online. Here is a small sampling of some of the resources that you might find helpful as you work.

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Advanced Web Design

Students in this course explore, research, and apply web design techniques while assisting with the LSNHS school website.

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Introduction to Web Design

Students in this course learn the foundation for html, css, and photo editing and begin building websites by only using coding and a text editor.

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Supervised Business Experience

This internship is for seniors wishing to work in a professional environment as part of their school day. Students work an office or technology type position.

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Web design jobs outlook through 2022

Are you considering a career in the field of web design? Web design skills are more desirable today than ever before. The term "web designer" is a catch all term. You might become a graphic designer, web designer, web developer, web copywriter, app developer, or one of many other jobs in the field. There are many different points of entry, different educational experience required, and many different pay ranges. Take the time to explore the career possibilities.

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