Supervised Business Experience (SBE)

All information for 2018-2019 can now be found in Schoology. Please check there frequently for updates!

Attendance Reporting

Your employer is counting on you each and every day! Remember that you are part of a team at work and being absent from work places a burden on your co-workers. Please show them the respect you wish to receive from them by trying to keep up a perfect attendance record. And, remember that you must maintain at least a 90% attendance to earn credit for the SBE program.

I know that sometimes we can't help being absent, things happen, and that's life. If you know ahead of time you will be gone, please ASK your employer (do not tell them) and make them aware of your absence as early as possible. If you are unexpectedly absent (like wake up ill or have a family emergency), please make contact as soon as you can.

No matter what the reason, if you are absent FOR ANY REASON, remember you have 3 contacts to make.

  1. YOUR PARENT must call in to the attendance office at 986-3002.
  2. YOU call in to your employer (if it is an unexpected absence, otherwise you should have gotten approval already).
  3. YOU let me know via REMIND text, e-mail ( or voicemail (986-3043).

Never have your parent call in to your employer for you. Being responsible for your attendance at work is up to you. You will look more professional and garner more respect by taking care of your own matters.