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Name E-mail Phone/Voicemail Website Syllabus
Jennifer Belmore 986-1499 ext. 7493 AS Biology
Chemistry I
Amy Charpie 986-1499 ext. 8418 View Website AS Biology
Biology I
IB Biology
Kristen Falkenberg 986-1499 ext. 7659 Physics
AP Physics I
AP Physics II
Christopher Gerding 986-1499 ext. 7872 View Website Biology I
IB Biology 2
IB Enviro Systems & Soc
Brian Hamm 986-1499 ext. 7955 Fundamentals of Physics/Chemistry
Science of Manufacturing
Kevin Krumrey 986-1499 ext. 8292 AVID 9
AS Chemistry I
Fundamentals of Physics/Chemistry
Kelly Lepert 986-1499 ext. 7059 AS Biology
Science of Nature
Brian McElroy 986-1499 ext. 7654 AP Physics I
Bob McIntosh 986-1499 ext. 7074 Fundamentals of Physics/Chemistry
Science of Nature
Carrie Miller-Perry 986-1499 ext. 7008 AS Biology I
Biology I
Brad Ralston 986-1499 ext. 7095 ACT Prep
Advanced Studies Biology
Prin of Biomedical Science
Adrienne Ray 986-1499 ext. 8228 AS Chemistry I
Chemistry I
Chemistry II
Joey Spicer 986-1499 ext. 7790 AS Chemistry I
IB Chemistry 11
IB Chemistry 12
Nicole Tigner 986-1499 ext. 7859 Biology I
Biology II
Chris Walker 986-1499 ext. 7081 Advanced Studies Biology
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Human Body Systems