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Homework Request Process

E-mail Your Teacher for Homework

The easiest way to request and communicate homework assignments is through e-mail contact directly with the teacher. This allows teachers to explain what has been happening in their classes.

1. Where Can I Find Teachers' E-mail Addresses?

2. Where Can I Find My Child's Schedule and List of Teachers?

3. What If I Don't Know My Parent Connect Log In?

  • Please contact Valerie Meuschke at 986-3053 and she can assist you with that information.

4. What Will Happen After I E-mail?

  • Your child's teachers will e-mail you back either with assignment information or with a link to a class website/blog where homework assignments are posted.
  • All teacher-maintained websites can be accessed via the school's website from the    link.

5. What If I Do Not Have Computer Access?

  • Please feel free to call the attendance office at 986-3002 for assistance with your homework request.