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Lee's Summit North High School


Contact the LSN Activities Office at 986-3008 for additional information.

Also, visit the Athletics Website for MSHSAA information, news, announcements, and updates for all athletics and activities!

Open Membership Clubs

Academic Team

Also called Academic Team and Quiz Bowl in other schools/states. Four players are on the line at a time. Individuals “buzz-in” if they know the answer (something like Jeopardy). If you enjoy trivia games (general knowledge), are very quick, or very smart (school knowledge), this may be a fun event for you. The season goes from early September to early October. We will work around other activities (sports, music, etc.). Participants may join/leave the team at any time. (Ex: sport/play)

View Sponsor's Website Visit the Scholar Team Website


Joey Spicer, Varsity Team Coach
986-2599 ext. 77790

Hannah Brizuela, JV Coach
986-2599 ext. 77448

Adopt a Soldier Club

Adopt A US Soldier is a non-profit organization that seeks volunteers to help show the brave men and women fighting for our freedom that their sacrifices will not go unnoticed. It connects supportive civilians with deployed troops and offers a channel by which to communicate encouragement and express gratitude to those brave men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces. At LSN, we will utilize the Adopt a US Soldier framework to connect directly with men and women serving overseas through correspondence and care packages.


Tavish Whiting
 986-2599 ext. 78355

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a grassroots esteemed organization for the promotion of social issues. The club’s purpose is to raise awareness and increase youth participation in humanitarian causes. The club also has a large focus on bettering our communities. 


Rick Saunders
986-2599 ext. 77838

Anime Club

The Lee’s Summit North Anime Club is a group that meets monthly in the LMC to discuss graphic novels and anime. Group members get input into the graphic novels that the librarians purchase for the permanent collection. Any student or staff member is welcome to join at any time. The club also occasionally views school-appropriate anime episodes and participates in local anime-related conventions.


Michael Russell

Archery Club

The Broncos Archery Club is an organization that teaches students how to successfully shoot at bullseye and 3-D animal targets.. Archery teaches focus, self-control, discipline, patience, and the life lessons required to be successful in the classroom and in life. The goal of the North program is for archers to improve as the season progresses. Archers compete in National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) tournaments throughout the season (November through March) as individuals and as a team.   Archers shoot one practice round and then three rounds each of five arrows at distances of 10 and 15 meters. Scores are then tallied out of a possible 300 points.  At tournaments individual and team awards are given.  A team includes 12-24 students with the score for the team being based on the top twelve scores from the team. Our top team tournament score is used to determine advancement to the Missouri NASP tournament in Branson Missouri in March. Practices are held in the evening at Bernard Campbell Middle School (usually 8-9 pm) twice a week.


Carrie Miller-Perry
986-1499 ext. 7059

Black Student Union

BSU was founded to educate, raise awareness and celebrate black excellence, past, present and future. We seek to provide an educational opportunity for all learners to embrace and encourage a diverse and inclusive school and building community.

View Sponsor's Website Visit the Black Student Union Website


Robin Gray

Tina Rambo-Faulkner

Nicole Tigner
 986-1499 ext. 7859

Ashley Forte

Boys Volleyball Club

Our Boys Volleyball Club offers athletes the opportunity to learn and grow from the top coaches in the game. We strive to allow all boys the opportunity to play volleyball and compete at their most appropriate level. Our training and competition helps open the door to players looking to join one of the biggest growing sports in the nation. Whether you are interested in playing for the first time or are striving to earn a college scholarship, this Boys Volleyball club is for you! 


Aubri Janes
986-1499 ext. 

Braids and Fades Club

Braids and Fades Club will introduce students to beginning concepts of braiding, styling, and cutting hair. During our meetings we will watch video and live tutorials, learn about customer service basics, and participate in structured hands-on activities.  Interested in joining? Join the SportYou group with the code 6RGG-8A8S . Fill out the interest survey in SportsYou to become an official member and hear about our meet dates and locations. We look forward to seeing you!


Christasia Strickland
 986-2599 ext. 78939

Malika Caruthers
 986-2599 ext. 70358

Bronco Literary Society

The members of the Bronco Literacy Society meet at the beginning of the school year to decide on ten novels the club will read that year. We meet each month to discuss two of the titles that have been read. The students decide on the books and lead the discussion.


Michael Russell

Bronco Smart

Bronco Smart is an organization whose members are Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Free! We focus on providing ATOD free activities for our members as well as the entire LSN student body. We also strive to educate students, parents, and the community on ATOD issues. Through our organization we want to empower the students of LSN to make smart decisions and be ATOD free!


Sara Witteman
 986-1499 ext.7823

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends is a social club sponsored by Mr. Sessler to help the students served in the Life Skills program at LSN to build friendships with their peers. Circle of Friends will have at least one planned activity per month, but students will also be encouraged to build their relationships and friendships beyond the club activities. Circle of Friends activities may include attendance to LSN sports events, school plays or concerts, or simple activities such as playing board games, taking a walk, going to the park, or walking to Sonic, East Glen Theater or other nearby businesses. We welcome peers of high character to be role models for our students.


Matt Sessler
 986-1499 ext. 8113

Crimson Colors (Flag Corps)

The Auxiliary performs with the Marching Band at all home football games and participates in field and parade competitions with the band. Winter Guard competes in Mid-Continent Color Guard Association and Winter Guard International Festivals. The Flag Team practices during the summer and in the fall and winter after school and evenings. Members are chosen in the spring and must show strength in the areas of academics, citizenship and performance. Details about tryouts are included in the auxiliary packet.


Grant Fischer
 986-1499 ext. 

John Johnson
 986-1499 ext. 8884

Crimson Crazies

The Crimson Crazies is Lee’s Summit North’s group of students who comprise the student spirit section for home and away interscholastic games. Any student may join. The students chose spirit themes for various games. The students are to promote loud and crazy positive sportsmanship for Bronco sporting events. Leadership is senior-driven.


Mike McGurk
 (816) 986-3013

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is an immersive table top game that the main goal is to promote problem solving, learning, and community. There are no fees for this club.


Eric Wickert
986-2599 ext. 77943

Eco Club

LSN Eco Club is an organization of students that promotes environmentally friendly causes at Lee’s Summit North and within the larger community. The focus of eco club is to promote environmental awareness through action and education.


Kelly Lepert
 986-2599 ext. 77059

E-Sports Club

The LSN Esports club is dedicated to building strong communities and friendships through video games and teamwork. LSN Esports compete at a high level teaching our young gamers how to be a team player, hard worker, and respectful competitor all while building relationships with teammates and maintaining our educational goals. The LSN Esports club has a community discord for any student to join and interact in their preferred gaming community, we also offer competitive game titles during certain seasons that require students to tryout out in order to make the team. We offer Rocket League in the Fall season, Halo Infinite in the Winter season, and Valorant in the Spring season. Once our team starts competition we have league play on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can watch the stream at and once league play is complete it moves into the playoffs and the state championship. For the community side, students interact daily in our discord server both playing with each other and against each other. Feel free to reach out to Stan Dujakovich ( if you are interested in competing competitively or joining our discord community!


Stan Dujakovich
986-2599 ext. 

Fashion Club

This club will promote the belief that everyone should strive for their own personal sense of style. Style exudes confidence. We will meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month in Room 1101. We will also work to give back to the community through service projects and participate in a school fashion show. 


Michell Owens
 986-2599 ext. 78780

FBLA: Future Business Leaders of America

FBLA is a dynamic organization of young people preparing for success as leaders. If you join FBLA, you can travel to exciting cities, enhance your business skills, compete against other business students, earn scholarships, become a community leader, and earn an FBLA letter. FLBA is open to all students at Lee’s Summit North High School who are interested in gaining business, technology, math, English, and leadership skills.


Christy Buckner
 986-2599 ext. 77040

Layne Funk
 986-2599 ext. 78173

FCCLA: Family, Career & Community Leaders of America

FCCLA is an organization that builds strong leaders in families, careers and communities. Any student who has taken a Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) course at the Middle School or High School level is eligible to join. We meet on various Thursdays after school and during Bronco Time in room 1167.

The Lee’s Summit North Chapter is actively participating in community servitude and is involved in various philanthropic efforts. Members are also eligible to compete at the Regional, State and National levels in a variety of topics including Culinary Arts, Focus on Children, Fashion & Design and Career Development. See Jessica Struckhoff (1167) or Holly Sanders (Room 1165) to sign up. Come be a part of it!


Holly Sanders
 986-2599 ext. 77402

First Priority

First Priority is a strategy to connect the CHURCH to reach the CAMPUS for CHRIST. It is intended to change the spiritual climate of the school and the world through students. We meet on Fridays during Bronco Time and all are welcome!


Jessica Brown
 986-2599 ext. 77995

First Robotics

The LSN Robotics club participates in the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) competition. Each year, the game changes and so does the robot! Students, working with mentors, will go through all the processes to design, build, and ship their robots. Other areas of the team include website design, animations, CAD drawings of the Robot, fund raising, safety, and public relations. We truly offer something for everyone!

View Sponsor's Website Visit the Robotics Website


Lynn Griffith
 986-2599 ext. 77812

Hillary Griffith
 986-2599 ext. 78135

Girls Who Code

Join a sisterhood of supportive peers and role models using computer science to change the world. Clubs are completely free and offer fun activities through a flexible curriculum that adapts to your unique needs


Christy Buckner
986-2599 ext. 77040

Perri LaTerza
986-2599 ext. 78090

GSA: Gay, Straight Alliance

The Gay-Straight Alliance provides a supportive environment where students and staff can feel connected to others. Members work within the school to promote that all people have a right to be treated with equanimity and dignity. Members also work to reduce anti-gay violence, harassment and discrimination by educating the community and by encouraging a greater degree of understanding from students and school personnel.


Terry Durnell
 986-2599 ext. 78209

Jenn Mooney
 986-2599 ext. 73056

LSN Computer Science Club

LSN Computer Science Club will meet bi-weekly to discuss upcoming events, showcase competition projects or collectively tackle a practice computer science problem. The club will look to participate in computer science competitions throughout the year.


Christy Buckner
986-1499 ext. 7040

Math Club

Math Club promotes an interest in mathematics, develops and refines math skills, and competes in local math contests. The membership is open to any student who is interested in math. We compete in 4-5 competitions a year. The type of tests include: Algebra, Geometry, Algebra simplification, Team tests, and advanced topics. Some selected students compete in the Junior Engineering Test as well as state and national contests.


Jeff Ballinger
 986-2599 ext. 78387

Medical Club

Medical Club is a club for anyone interested in any of the medical fields to meet, socialize, and learn more about careers within that field. We also will help get students volunteer and internships within the medical fields, as well as provide service and take field trips to medical facilities within our community.


Chris Walker
 986-2599 ext. 77081

Muslim Student Alliance

The Muslim Student Alliance is a student-run group bringing awareness to discrimination and demanding equality.

LSN students can get information about meetings and MSA activities through our Schoology page.

LSN students may request to join the MSU Schoology group using code K889-RF3X-3JNS6.


Michael Russell
 816-986-2599 ext. 77138

Northside Steppers

The Northside Steppers is a team that performs at the pep assemblies, halftime for basketball and volleyball games, and any other requested performances.

The team practices twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 until 4:30 during the season. The team also participates in the annual step show we host every year. Northside Steppers have 2 teams, the competition team and the performance team.


Nicole Tigner
 816-986-2599 ext. 77859

Physics Club

Physics Club – This group will meet monthly to explore and experience various physics phenomena.  We will meet during Bronco Time.  Our leadership team is responsible for setting meeting dates, promotion of each meeting, and setting up and executing demonstrations. 


Kristen Falkenberg
 986-2599 ext. 77659

SAAC: Student Activity Advisory Council

The SAAC is a group of students who are representative of various high school activities. This council meets on a regular basis with the building athletic/activity director. The students on the council give focus, insight, and suggestions as to school issues of sportsmanship, coach/sponsor communication and activity/athletic rules and policies. Students are recommended to the council by coaches and sponsors.


Mike McGurk

Science Knowledge Bowl

Any students interested in science from grades 9-12. It is like scholar bowl, but includes only questions about science and math. There is one competition at the end of January/February at Rockhurst and the top two teams advance to Washington, D.C.


Joey Spicer
 986-2599 ext. 77790


LSN has an award winning theatre program with over 150 active members. Our musical productions have been nominated by Starlight Theatre’s Blue Star Program as Outstanding Overall Production 7 years in a row having received honors for productions such as Seussical the Musical in 2005 and Les’ Miserables in 2009.

Our vision…to provide training and experience for youth in the theatre arts in a fun, family-friendly, yet professional environment.

With several community service projects, annual conferences, and bi-annual NY trips, the theatre club International Thespian Society offers many growth opportunities.

View Sponsor's Website Visit the LSN Theatre Website


William Palmer
 986-2599 ext. 78732

Writers Circle

The Bronco Writers Circle is a place for students who enjoy creative writing to share their work with other student writers. It is a supportive environment for anyone who likes to write stories, poems, or personal essays. In the spring we publish a literary magazine of student work–The Ink and Quill–and offer a Writers Showcase for students to show off their talent to friends, family members, and staff.

View Sponsor's Website Visit the Writers Circle Website


Ashley Baker
 986-2599 ext. 78168

Youth in Government (YIG)

Missouri YMCA Youth in Government is a statewide educational program that prepares young people for responsible leadership in the American democratic process by providing guidance, training, and experience in the theory and practice of determining public policy. It promotes awareness in state government through mock Legislature, Executive, Judicial, Lobbyist, and Media programs. Our work each fall leads up to hands-on participation at the annual state convention in Jefferson City, Missouri.

View Sponsor's Website Visit the YIG Website


Tavish Whiting
 986-2599 ext. 78355

Brian Glenski
 986-2599 ext. 78825

Kate Rowan
 986-2599 ext. 77465

Co-Curricular Organizations

These activities require tryouts and/or may have academic course association.

Advanced Web Team

Students create and maintain pages on the school website as needed as part of the Advanced Web Design class. This includes all web coding, graphic design, and photography. To become a part of the team, students must have taken the Introduction to Web Design class, fill out an application, and obtain teacher recommendations.


Perri LaTerza
 986-1499  ext. 8090


The Air Force Junior ROTC Program provides the opportunity for students to study and apply leadership, develop self-reliance and self-discipline, understand basic values and the elements of character, and participate in a wide range of exciting learning environments. Absolutely no military obligation is incurred as a result of enrollment in the program and expenses are paid by the U.S. Government. Students are required to wear the Air Force uniform one day per week and meet the Air Force grooming standards (uniform supplied and tailored free of charge). By completing two or three years of the four-year AFJROTC program, students can compete for a JROTC scholarship to college and may be eligible to enter the military at a higher pay grade.

Students may participate in field trips, dances, awareness presentations, and the following special organization through AFJROTC:

  • Cannon Team
  • Drill Team
  • Honor Guard
  • Leadership & Academic Team
  • Model Rocket Club
  • Color Guard

 View the HQ AFJROTC Website

 View the Corp Website


Lt Col Terrell Vincent (Ret)

MSgt Richard Jenkins (Ret)

Art Club

Art Club, in an all-inclusive club created for Lee’s Summit North High School students interested in pursuing and expanding on their involvement in art beyond the classroom. Some art club students may also be invited to become members of the National Art Honor Society. NAHS is designed specifically for high school students in grades 9-12. In 1978, the National Art Education Association began the National Art Honor Society program to inspire and recognize students who have shown an outstanding ability and interest in art. The NAHS strives to aid members in attaining the highest standards in art scholarship, character, and service, and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community. The Lee’s Summit North Chapter of the NAHS strives to make these same connections on a local level, in partnership with the Art Club.


Colby Mathews
 986-2599 ext. 78802

Nick Erker
 986-2599 ext.

Athletic Training Program

Students will assist the certified athletic trainers at sporting events such as practices and games. Students will learn first aid and be able to treat minor first aid injuries on and off the field. The students will become certified in CPR & AED and will learn the essentials of athletic training.


Megan Meier
 986-1499 ext. 8265

Matt Falke
 986-1499 ext.  8246


Symphonic Band is the highest-level ensemble that performs the most difficult high school literature. Concert Band is a nearing-advanced level ensemble that performs intermediate literature. Members of the Symphonic and Concert Bands make up the LSN Marching Band in the first semester. Symphonic and Concert Bands compete in MSHSAA sponsored competitions. Varsity Band is a class dedicated to building the skills of its students at an intermediate level. Varsity Band will perform approximately two to three concerts per year. Students audition for appropriate band.


Grant Fischer
 986-1499 ext. 

John Johnson
 986-1499 ext. 8884

Broadcast Journalism

Students plan and organize the school news broadcast which includes brainstorming, story boarding, script, writing, interviewing, videography, sound and video editing. Students determine content of show. Students also have the opportunity to attend national and local conventions, enter local, state and national contests and earn a broadcast letter.


Terry Durnell
 986-1499 ext. 8209


The cheerleading program consists of three squads formed to support the athletic teams. The Freshman squad consists of 9th graders who cheer at home freshman games. The Junior Varsity squad consists of 9th-11th graders who cheer at home Junior Varsity events. The Varsity squad consists of 10th-12th graders. This squad cheers on a rotation basis at football games, boys’ and girls’ basketball games, soccer games, and volleyball matches. Requirements for tryouts follow the MSHSAA guidelines for eligibility. Details about tryouts are included in the cheerleading packet.


Ashley Forte


DECA is the youth organization whose program of leadership, personal development, and career encouragement is designed specifically for students enrolled in the Marketing Program. DECA is co-curricular in nature and provides students an opportunity to compete and to be recognized for their marketing and business skills on a district, state, and national level. DECA has several annual events which include competitive events and Leadership Conferences. Students enrolled in any of the Marketing Education Courses may join DECA.


Katie Wilson
 986-2599 ext. 78093

Perri LaTerza
 986-2599 ext. 78090

French Club (LeCercle Francais)

Our club works to promote French in Kansas City as an extension of our class work. We watch French movies, go to French restaurants or attractions, fix food and celebrate their holiday traditions etc. We have also brought in guest speakers when possible.

View Sponsor's Website View the French Club Website


Nicole Morris
 986-3333 ext. 8398

French Honor Society (Societe Honoraire De Francais)

The aim of French Honor Society is to reward high scholastic attainments for upper level French students. Prospective members must have a 3.0 overall GPA and a French class GPA of 3.66 to be invited into this organization. In order to stimulate the interest in the study of French, students may purchase chords to wear at graduation and should strive to be an active member in French Club.

View Sponsor's Website View the French Honor Society Website


Nicole Morris
 986-1499 ext. 8398

German Club

German food, films, musik, culture, adopt a highway cleanup, and recycling program participant.


Stefan Frank
 986-1499 ext. 

German Honor Society (Deutsche Ehrenverbindung)

The aim of Deutsche Ehrenverbindung (Delta Epsilon Phi) is to stimulate the interest in the study of German, to promote higher standards of scholarship, to reward high scholastic attainments, to create enthusiasm for an understanding of the German culture and civilization and to promote and perpetuate international friendship.


Stefan Frank
 986-1499 ext. 7034

ITS: International Thespian Society

Primarily a social organization, it is for theatre minded students. We have a community service project in October, support the theatre productions at LSN, attend outside theatre productions, attend a three day conference in January, and host a lock-in and a variety of other social functions. I.T.S. is also the avenue in which to letter in theatre at North. All are welcome to attend and you can join at any time of the year.


William Palmer
 986-1499 ext. 8732

LSTA: Lee’s Summit Teacher Academy

LSTA is a district sponsored group that seeks to recruit anyone interested in pursing a degree in education. This includes everything but not limited to being a para, teacher, administrator, counselor, SPED, SLP, therapist, etc. The goal of LSTA is to expose students to what it looks like to be involved with education prior to obtaining your degree. Students should note that by being apart of this group, the district is hoping to have graduates come back and work in the LSR-7 district after finishing their degree. We also currently have two scholarships we award to seniors as they begin their journey into education.


Jessi Benus
 986-1499 ext. 7883

Newspaper (Northern Exposure)

The newspaper class introduces students to the world of publications. Students learn journalism law background, style, parts of the newspaper, and how to create an actual student newspaper. Students must stop by room 2134 for an application. Teacher approval is required to enroll in this class. Available Sophomore through Senior year.


Mindy Haesemeyer
 986-1499 ext. 8238

NAHS: National Art Honor Society

Information Coming!


Colby Mathews
 986-1499 ext. 8802

NHS: National Honor Society

The National Honor Society’s purpose is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, and develop character in student members. Membership is open to students enrolled in honors or advanced classes who have earned a GPA of 3.5 or above after their fifth semester in high school and have completed their ten hours of community service to graduate. Invitations to petition for membership to NHS are issued to prospective members. All petitions are reviewed by the Faculty Council who evaluates the student’s scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Members are required to attend monthly meetings and volunteer for a variety of service projects. Dues are $30.00. NHS sponsers various activities and charities, such as the Blood Drive, Faculty Appreciation, Hope House, Wayside Waifs, City Union Mission, Harvesters, and Worlds of Fun Fundraising. Many other committees exist that members are expected to participate in to earn their honor cords, honor stoles, or letters.

View Sponsors Website Visit the NHS Website

Faculty Adviser

Sarah Courtney
 986-1499 ext. 7947
Room #2317

Faculty Sponsors

Kevin Krumrey
 986-1499 ext. 8292
Room #1107

Leza Palguta
 986-1499 ext. 8319
Room #2116

Tori Wilson
 986-1499 ext. 8725
Room #1114


Northern Stars Dance Team

Elite dance team who perform during half-time of football, soccer, volleyball and basketball games. The team competes at two regional competitions and one state level competition. The team participates in all Homecoming, winter sports week and Mr. Bronco activities. The team hosts a mini-stars clinic and the LSN Dance Invitational. The team practices all summer and at least three days a week during the school year.

View Sponsors Website Visit the Northern Stars Website


Shelley McCain


Symphony Orchestra serves as an opportunity for orchestral students to develop and refine musical skills including tone production, sight-reading, notation, ear-training style, and expression through advanced content-level literature. Special features include concerts featuring student soloists, and many performances for special groups and conventions. Membership is by audition only in the spring.)

CLICK HERE for the Orchestra website


Joe Keeney
 986-1499 ext. 7939

Senate – Student Government

The purposes of this organization is to establish a working relationship between the student body and the administration, to develop a forum for student voice and channels for student involvement, to provide evidence of good citizenship, scholarship and leadership, and to provide orderly direction of school activities. Our activities include Teacher Appreciation, organizing school dances, working with school policy and multiple community service activities such as Drive by Raking, Operation Christmas Child, Trick or Treat for Canned Goods, Love at First Sight Glasses Drive, TAKE Self Defense Class, Gift of Life Organ Donation Awareness, and many more.


Kate Rowan
 986-1499 ext. 8709

Amelia Brewster
 986-1499 ext. 7554

Spanish Club

The LSN Spanish Club celebrates the Hispanic culture and promotes interest in the study of Spanish through cultural experiences. This club is student-led, providing students with the chance to develop their leadership skills. By joining the Spanish Club, you can celebrate Hispanic holidays, learn about different customs, and experience the food, music and art of Spanish-speaking countries.

View Sponsor's Website View the Spanish Club Website


Hannah Brizuela
 986-1499 ext. 7448

Spanish Honor Society (Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica)

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, Sevilla Chapter, is an honor society for upper level Spanish students. Members of Spanish Honor Society participate in service projects throughout the school year and may purchase chords to wear at graduation.

Prospective members must submit an application for selection. Applicants must have a 3.0 overall GPA, a Spanish class GPA of 3.66 and be an active member in Spanish Club.

View Sponsor's Website View the Spanish Honor Society Website


Hannah Brizuela
 986-1499 ext. 7448

Speech & Debate

Debate I is for students who have never participated in a debate program before. Students are introduced to logical principles of argumentation and analysis, research, persuasive speaking skills, and debate format and rules. As an activity, debate is time intensive, and students must be willing to commit to after school practice sessions and weekend competitions as prescribed by the director of debate. Students will also be expected to assist with hosting an invitational tournament.

Competitive dramatics is a fine arts course that focuses on reading, selecting, editing, and interpreting scripts; practicing acting techniques; and participating in speech and debate competitions throughout the school year.

View Sponsor's Website View the Speech & Debate Website


Ben Jewell
 986-1499 ext. 8125

Rachel Russell
986-1499 ext. 7138

Vocal Music Programs

LSN offers six different choirs – Concert Choir, Crimson Camerata, Men’s/Women’s Choir, 9th Women’s Choir and Silver Cantoria. All require auditions and performances outside of class. Crimson Camerata meets during a lunch period. Practice outside of school time is required for select choirs.


Jonathan Krinke
 986-1499 ext. 7309

George Peng
 986-1499 ext. 8818

Yearbook (Aurora)

Students produce the school yearbook using professional publishing software on Macintosh computers. Journalists interview, photograph, write, complete page layouts and learn design and sell advertising. Students determine the content of the yearbook. Students also have the opportunity to attend national and local conventions, enter local, state and national contests and earn a journalism letter. Students must be enrolled in yearbook class.


Jessica Brown
 986-1499 ext. 7995

Interscholastic Athletics

The Missouri State High School Activities Association governs these sports. A medical physical on file, conditioning and/or tryouts are required.

Visit the Athletics Website for sports information, schedules, coaches, and more!

Fall Sports

Winter Sports

Spring Sports