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Panorama Student Survey

Student Survey Information:
  • Enter your STUDENT ID (lunch number) as your access code
  • Once you start the survey you CANNOT stop — the survey MUST be completed in one setting

The Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation

The Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation invites you to stay up-to-date on all that we’re doing to support LSR7 students and classrooms by joining our email list and/or following us on social media. You’ll learn about the science kits we funded for all K-5 elementary classrooms this year, some of our classroom grants in action, scholarship opportunities and upcoming events! You can link to all of our social media platforms through our website, lsedfoundation.org.

EOS Survey

Student Survey – Equal Opportunity Schools. Students, you are being asked to take a survey conducted by Equal Opportunity Schools. Thank you for your responses! You will use your Student ID (lunch ID)

Apply for Work Internship

Juniors, as you begin planning your senior year, have you considered a work internship? With this option you are released early to work, earn money, earn elective credits toward graduation and learn career-related job skills. No job is required to sign up.

Look for an email with more information from Ms. Reed and feel free to contact any of the work internship coordinators with questions.

Supervised Business Experience Christy Buckner Coordinator christy.buckner@lsr7.net >> Business, office, or technology type jobs located on-campus or off-campus. Office setting type jobs in medical, insurance, banking, technology, LSN, BCMS, SLC and more!. Only those approved and enrolled in SBE are allowed to apply for LSN, BCMS, and SLC. >>For those interested in working at LSN, BCMS, or SLC next year, be sure you sign up and choose SBE.

Marketing Work Experience Joy Reed, Coordinator joy.reed@lsr7.net >> Customer service type jobs in retail, restaurants, hospitality, and more!

Cooperative Career Experience Joy Reed, Coordinator joy.reed@lsr7.net >> Skills, trades, and other type of ‘hands-on’ jobs such as daycare, automotive, culinary, construction, maintenance, and more!

Enrollment is just around the corner, apply now so that you can be approved to enroll!

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